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identity design

We formulate a visual identity that represents the brand and, it’s story through an extensive design process and market research to deliver a brand-specific logo, color palette, typography, packaging and stationery.

The brand aims to farm without the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides.

They believe farming from its roots, concentrating on its micronutrient and the microclimate,

so that the plant thrives. Hence called, Pure-Roots.


The brand identity has been  explored and developed around the key elements of the brand :Yarn, Thread, Fibre, Fabric, Textile and abstract exploration of flow and fluidity.


Established in 2016, Sunday the earth-vedic spa is perfect blend of ancient ayurveda,

organic products and oriental technique treatment with professional treatments to cure

the body. The logo was designed to be fluid in composition.



Online platform for artists, educators & trainers to build independent business


Social Savera

Social Savera Welfare Society is an NGO which works to uplift underprivileged women, children & elderly. It was founded in 1999 with an aspiration to "Let happiness dawn" 

in the lives of the neglected in the society.


Scribble - An amalgamation of a cafe + a bar. A space for one to eat, work and design.


North - South

A fast-food restaurant situated on the NH-4 Chennai-Thirupati expressway. The restaurant is surrounded by industrial areas and would host an influx of large blue-collar employees. We were asked to design a branding that is easy to understand, catchy and bright. We also gave tagline and flex design for the highway that said  ‘Stop, Eat and Go’

Swalpa North, Thoda South, In the Kannada language, swalpa means ‘little’ and in Hindi, thoda means ‘little’ too. There was a mix of the two languages to create a restaurant that attracted both the masses.

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