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The Barcode - an art installation

Details when they are successful, are not mere decoration. They do not distract or entertain. They lead to an understanding of the whole of which they are an inherent part. - By Peter Zumthor

When I was young, I thought that in a film- the actor is the singer, director, and narrator of the scene. The Scene is a naturally occurring story put to tape. Over time through movie credits, I noticed a team of people who meticulously worked behind the camera. The film was a final product produced through various processes; the movie credit was its acknowledgement.

I see interior design as the narration of instrumented tasks given to team members that, execute the imagination to reality. Soon the artists leave their instruments and hand them over for consumption. Its only acknowledgement is the existence of the space. The days spent building it. Its evolution from a sketch to its physical nature. The barcode is the acknowledgement of the team that has put their efforts into the existence of the space.

Each person steps into their expertise and, the team together builds a space.

It all started with designing it in the raw form - simply putting it across the blackboard, and our idea started taking the shape. We came up with our logo for Design w/ Sunday | Slow Design Movement.

The journey started in collaboration with CICO - Clay in Clay out. Our art installation was finally created at their office. The whole team behind the making of DWS were called and they put the signature across the art, as a proud and undivided part of our DWS team.

Each object denotes a barcode that carries various information about the product and its characteristics. Unique to its nature. Designing is inventing. From time to time, it requires broadening and diving deep because occasionally there is a need to shake the acquired knowledge to bring out that envisage. Releasing that visualization embraces the mysterious void called space in a special way and makes it vibrate. It starts reflecting the spirit of its inventor and starts giving its own answer through its function, form and appearance, blending with the surrounding, it stands.

When we close our eyes and envision the physical traces that remain, a deeper feeling – a consciousness of the time passing and awareness of those hands that have been acted out in these places and charged them with a special aura of its own. Yes, that is what we feel as the magical vibes in the air.

The art instalment celebrates the space created with the help of its people; Piece by Piece, Layer by Layer. The barcode brings everyone under a single umbrella to provide a unique Identity in their shared participation. Every line is different in its thickness and depth. When placed next to each other, it forms a team.

- Kanishka Gupta


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